Success Stories

Have a look at our project references in the field of off-grid renewable energy systems. We operate in Germany, France, Canada and India. We install stand-alone systems, such as the Intech Energy Container or an autonomous photovoltaic system. With these systems, our customers are independent of the public grid and produce their own energy. All the projects are solar-based, in order to offer climate-friendly power generation systems.

Observatory l Oberkirch, Germany

Photovoltaic Roof-Mounted System 5.7 kWp
Battery Capacity 4.8 kWh

The autonomous system supplies both the IT and the air-conditioning system with uninterrupted power. The observatory is designed as an education station for schools.
Energy Container McKinlay

Power supply for Shire Council l McKinlay, Australia

Energy Container:
PV-System mounted on the Container 21 kWp
Battery storage capacity 60 kWh
1 solar inverter / 3 off-grid inverters

• Offer a renewable-energy based system with high electric capacity and lower maintenance costs
• Equip the regional farms with a similar system in order to facilitate future maintenance work

The project was implemented with the participation of the local administration, the McKinlay Shire Council and Intech

Organic Farm l Alsace, France

Energy Container
Photovoltaic mounted on the container and the roof: 10 kWp
Useable Battery Capacity: 24.15 kWh

Advantage: Sufficient power generated to heat and ventilate a greenhouse, to irrigate plants and to charge an electric car.

Amount of C02 avoided: 7,4 Tons / annum

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dena RES Programme, India

NGO Education Center l Narketpally, India

Grid stabilization and water purification

Photovoltaic roof-mounted: 8.8 kWp
Battery Capacity: 55 kWh

The system strives to compensate for the unstable public grid. A reverse osmosis system was installed to purify water.
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Single Home System l Auenheim, Germany

Photovoltaic Roof-Mounted System 1.26 kWp
Batteries 2 kWh
production solar energy canada

Agricultural company l Ontario, Canada

Ground-mounted PV System: 7 kWp
Battery capacity: 26 kWh

Advantage: The system provides independence from increasing electricity prices.
Summer cottage

Summer cottage l Narbonne, France

Roof-mounted PV System: 3 kWp
Battery capacity: 16 kWh

An off-grid solar system provides this barn converted into a holiday home with renewable-energy based electricity. A grid-connection of this building was not feasible due to its isolated location.

Commissioning: 2017
Photovoltaic project 3 kW

Greenhouse l Offenburg, Germany

Roof-mounted PV System: 1.2 kWp
Battery capacity: 4 kWh

The photovoltaic installation supplies electricity for a water pump and provides the fully automatic ventilation of the greenhouse. In view of the customer's location, the off-grid system has proven to be a more cost-effective alternative to a grid connection.

Commissioning: 2018